Leonardo strengthens itself in the weather radar sector thanks to new contracts and technologies

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo, through its subsidiary LEONARDO Germany GmbH, has recently seen a strengthening of its activity in the meteorological sector, thanks to a series of commercial successes accompanied by the development of new products. The company has in fact signed new international contracts for the supply of weather radar and has made important steps forward in the field of weather software and related services. These results are supporting Leonardo's further international expansion in this specific market segment.

The new contracts include a number of long-standing European clients. In particular, Poland has chosen LEONARDO Germany GmbH for the supply of 10 C-band weather radars to modernize its network. The French national meteorological service, Météo France, has signed a contract for its overseas department of Reunión, while MET Norway has chosen Leonardo to supply five X-band mobile weather radars. Other Leonardo weather systems have been ordered by customers in the American continent and the Asia Pacific region.

In this sector, Leonardo was also awarded a contract as part of the SESAR JU (Single European Sky ATM Research Joint Undertaking) research program. The company, together with its partners, was awarded the four WAVE 3 projects as part of the SESAR 2020 research and innovation program, funded by the EU Horizon 2020 project. Meteorology represents a key element of the WAVE 3 package, which will see the development of unmanned services, thanks to the exchange of information with traditional air traffic management (ATM). All this involves the development of tailor-made weather services for drone operations. The projects will continue until 2022.

To keep the company at the forefront of weather technology, LEONARDO Germany GmbH has also launched a new product, SKIRON3D®. It is a state of the art doppler lidar system capable of measuring winds and detecting dangerous phenomena such as wind shear, gusts, turbulence and microbursts. Together with Leonardo's METEOR 60DX weather radar and the LLWAS system, SKIRON3D® will provide a complete solution for the three-dimensional detection in any weather condition of those phenomena that could represent a serious risk for aviation.

With a presence in over 150 countries and a wide range of capabilities in the ATM and airport sectors, Leonardo is committed to supporting and protecting people and communities and contributing to their sustainable growth through latest generation technologies, in line with the "Be Tomorrow" Strategic Plan - Leonardo 2030 ".