Leonardo: PZL-Świdnik wins a € 1,76 billion contract in Poland for 32 AW149 multi-role helicopters

(To Leonardo)

PZL-Świdnik, the Polish company wholly owned by Leonardo, has been awarded a contract with a gross value of 8,25 billion zlotys (approximately 1,76 billion euros) from the Polish Ministry of Defense for the supply of 32 AW149 multi-role helicopters. The contract was announced today during an official ceremony at the PZL-Świdnik plant, in the presence of representatives of the Polish government. The contract includes packages of logistics, training and simulation services. The logistics package includes spare parts and equipment for ground handling of the helicopters.

The training and simulation package includes complete services for pilots and maintenance technicians and the delivery of advanced simulators and dedicated systems. The new helicopters will carry out missions such as troop transport and air support. The helicopter equipment will also allow for the evacuation of wounded, search and rescue in combat and the transport of supplies. The configuration of the helicopters, fully in line with the requirements of the Polish armed forces, also includes observation systems, light armament, guided / unguided rockets and missiles, self-protection systems. The armament, depending on the variant and configuration of the helicopter, can be installed in the cabin or as an external load. The deliveries of the helicopters will be made in the period 2023-2029.

As prime contractor, PZL-Świdnik will build a local production line for the new helicopters. Leonardo will therefore make further investments in the Polish plant in addition to those totaling approximately one billion euros already made since 2010, which has significantly strengthened PZL-Świdnik's competitiveness and industrial capabilities. This provides an important contribution to the Polish aviation and defense industry, with the realization of local production, logistic base and complete technical support capabilities for the AW149 of the Polish Ministry of Defense, in line with the commitments of Leonardo and PZL-Świdnik aimed at to ensure industrial returns for Poland.

The AW149, already in service with international operators for a wide range of operational applications and under evaluation in several countries, is ideal for the modernization of military helicopter fleets and for replacing obsolete models of the same weight and size class. The AW149 is a state-of-the-art multi-role military helicopter designed to meet the most stringent requirements of the armed forces. The helicopter can be reconfigured to carry out multiple missions in the most complex operating conditions. The equipment, weapon systems and advanced technologies of the AW149, combined with its maneuverability, range / range and high power margins, as well as the high standards of safety and survivability, ensure users high availability. operational, mission effectiveness and fleet management efficiency.