Leonardo: the new Logistic Support Center for helicopters is operational in Brazil

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo has taken a further step towards enhancing the level of service to support helicopter operators in Brazil and Latin America with the start of activities at its brand new Logistic Support Center based in Itapevi, 30 km from Sao Paulo . The new Center, the result of an investment of R $ 60 million (approximately € 9 million), built on an area of ​​80.000 m2, of which 6000 m2 consisting of buildings and infrastructures, can accommodate up to 20 helicopters at the same time. In addition to maintenance activities, the gradual introduction of services such as painting and completion of helicopter fittings is expected in the future. The new Center will allow for an overall expansion of service capacity by up to 50% compared to the previous site dedicated to technical support in the country.

Today more than 500 Leonardo helicopters of various types and for a wide range of applications are in service in Latin America. Of these, 190 are in Brazil, 120 of which are concentrated in the State of Sao Paulo. The new Center will be able to support up to 370 helicopters each year, with the possibility of further expansion. The missions carried out by Leonardo's helicopters throughout the region include VIP / corporate and VVIP transport (over 220 units equal to almost 25% of the world fleet of Leonardo's VIP helicopters), offshore transport, rescue activities, public, fire-fighting and military tasks. The models most used by Brazilian operators are the AW119, the AW109 in various versions, the AW139 and, more recently, the AW169. The AW189 also introduced new capabilities to support the energy industry sector.

The continuous growth in the region in recent years together with the introduction of all new models for VIP, security, public service and offshore transport tasks are the basis of the further recent development in the field of services for Leonardo, in order to meet the new requirements in the area. The new Itapevi Logistics Center demonstrates Leonardo's long-term commitment to the region and highlights the importance the Company attaches to support services and greater geographical proximity to operators. The strengthening of these services will maximize the effectiveness and safety of the missions of the helicopter fleet for the benefit of the operators, crews and supported communities. With over 90 service centers in over 40 countries around the world, Leonardo is committed to providing cutting-edge and comprehensive support and training services to ensure unprecedented benefits to operators in terms of safety, quality, effectiveness, cost and sustainability. fundamental elements of Leonardo's Be Tomorrow 2030 Strategic Plan.