Leonardo: new technologies for the safety of airport operations

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo, through Selex ES Inc., a US subsidiary specialized in the development of precision navigation, approach and landing aid and surveillance systems, expands its range of air traffic control solutions with the new "AeroBOSS" technology to manage airport surfaces security. It is a set of products, born from the collaboration with the US company INDMEX, which allow to optimize decision-making processes, track aircraft and vehicles in flight and on the ground and make surface vehicle operations more efficient.

AeroBOSS is an operational platform for the command and control of airport operations, maintenance and emergency management. Among the solutions in the package, AeroBOSS Runway Incursion Warning System is able to prevent runway incursions by alerting vehicles before they enter the runway area. This is a very promising technology as to date only a small percentage of the 3.100 airports in the world that operate commercial flights are equipped with systems to prevent these incursions. Designed for Air Navigation Service Providers and airports, AeroBOSS is able to improve safety efficiently and economically, even more so when stopovers, after the slowdown in air traffic caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, they will return to normal levels.

Security plays a vital role in airport operations. Leonardo's technologies for managing critical infrastructures are in line with the highest international standards in this field.