Leonardo: the AWHero obtains the first military certification in the world for a remotely piloted helicopter in its category

(To Leonardo)

The AWHero remotely piloted helicopter has obtained basic military certification from the DAAA (Directorate of Aeronautical Armaments and Airworthiness). The important achievement represents the first military certification in the world for an aircraft with these characteristics in the 200 kg weight class.

The design, development, production and technical support capabilities envisaged for the AWHero meet the airworthiness requirements defined by military authorities, guaranteeing the highest level of mission safety, reliability and use for military operators. The certification includes the possibility of operating on board naval units and highlights the solidity of the AWHero design approach, paving the way for the development, integration and validation of further capabilities already designed and planned for this system. This military certification is also based on parts of the NATO standard STANAG4702 defined for remotely piloted helicopters.

The AWHero design benefits from Leonardo's solid expertise in the development of rotary wing aircraft, systems integration and the use of helicopters in the naval sector. Since 2019, the AWHero platform has been involved in demonstration activities in the field of maritime surveillance aboard naval units as part of the OCEAN2020 initiative, the European program dedicated to maritime surveillance and security technology that includes 43 different actors and led by Leonardo.

The AWHero is also currently being evaluated in international competitions. A team made up of Northrop Grumman and Leonardo in Australia is among the players selected to move on to the next phase of the competition aimed at providing the Australian Navy with intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities through the use of remotely piloted systems. Northrop Grumman and Leonardo's proposal, based on the AWHero, can increase operational effectiveness and strengthen decision-making capabilities in Australian Navy missions.