Leonardo: Together with Sabena technics to offer the Miysis DIRCM

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo has signed an agreement with Sabena technics, a French provider of support services, to promote joint activities on the military and VVIP aircraft market, with particular reference to the European, Middle Eastern and African ones.

Under the agreement, Sabena will offer Leonardo's Miysis DIRCM (Directed Infra-Red Counter Measure) to customers wishing to modify and equip their aircraft with protection against infrared guided missiles. In-depth analysis and live tests have confirmed that the Miysis can 100% counter incoming infrared threats. Leonardo and Sabena worked closely to provide the protection offered by Miysis to an international customer and this alliance leverages this collaboration, with the aim of facilitating and extending this type of approach to other markets.

Leonardo's countermeasure works by aiming a high-powered laser at a missile's firing system, blinding it and thus moving the missile away from its intended target. Leonardo's decades of experience in laser and precision pointing means that this happens at the speed of light, allowing Miysis to protect against multiple simultaneous incoming threats. The integrated multi-head installation ensures complete spherical protection around the aircraft, even during maneuvers, unlike the simpler single-head systems available on the market, which suffer from blind spots when the aircraft is not flying straight.

Designed and built in Edinburgh, UK, the Miysis has already been delivered to the UK Armed Forces and numerous other NATO and non-NATO nations. Thanks to the new collaboration between Leonardo and Sabena, an expansion of the customer base is expected. Benefiting from the combination of Sabena technics' integration capabilities for complex modification and upgrade projects with Leonardo's proven solution will be military aircraft as well as aircraft owned by private individuals or used for government applications.

Philippe Rochet, CEO of Sabena technics, commented: “We pride ourselves on offering services that satisfy and build trust in our customers. In this sense, the partnership with Leonardo was a natural choice as we share the same customer-centered approach. Thanks to our strong integration capabilities, we have made and certified modifications to ensure protection solutions for numerous operators around the world. From design and installation, to airworthiness approval and operational support, customers can count on our specialized teams to build bespoke systems with the highest level of quality ".

Tony Innes, VP Sales Radar and Advanced Targeting, Leonardo Electronics Division, added: “Experience teaches us that building open and collaborative relationships, such as that with Sabena technics, is a fundamental factor for a successful partnership. We are pleased to expand this collaboration and to be able to offer worldwide, thanks to the new agreement, a key equipment such as the Mysis to ensure total protection against infrared guided missiles ".

Today the Miysis DIRCM is in full production and available. UK design, manufacturing and supply chain ensures this highly advanced system is also easily exportable. Leonardo has a long experience in supporting its technologies throughout the entire operational life cycle and is committed to working closely with Sabena technics to ensure complete customer satisfaction.