Leonardo at IMDEX Asia with technologies for maritime scenario control, above and below the surface

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo, strategic partner of the Italian Navy and point of reference for many naval forces in the world, will participate from 3 to 5 May in IMDEX Asia, among the main events dedicated to maritime safety. The company will be in Singapore with its multi-domain technologies developed to meet the requirements of the Armed Forces while strengthening its position as a trusted partner to the region's defense industry.

Leonardo's complete solutions for maritime operations include advanced command and control systems, weapons systems, sensors, underwater technologies, optronics systems, communications, aircraft, helicopters, unmanned platforms and space communications. With his products, yes chosen by 70 Marines, Leonardo is capable of meeting all mission requirements for any type of ship, thanks to the development of enabling factors, such as Artificial Intelligence, automation, data processing and information management.

Among the leading technologies, the Combat Management System (CMS) ATHENA MK2, which equips, among others, the new Offshore Multipurpose Patrol vessels (PPA) “Thaon di Revel” and the new LHD (Landing Helicopter Dock) “Trieste” of the Italian Navy, whose capabilities will be on display in Singapore. Real "brain" of the ship, the CMS provides operators with a complete tactical image and one full situational awareness of the operational scenario, above and below water, in order to quickly plan and execute the mission. Modular and scalable, the system oversees all combat functions in the different domains and management and support functions, maximizing the integration of sensors and effectors within a multi-level application, to satisfy even the most stringent requirements. The development of theATHENA MK2/U, intended for the new U-212 Near Future Submarines (NFS) submarines, currently under construction for the Italian Navy.

For the control of the underwater domain, Leonardo also designs and develops light and heavy torpedoes, anti-torpedo systems, countermeasures and sonar. At IMDEX Asia the lightweight modular acoustic system ULYSSES, developed by Leonardo to maximize the effectiveness of fixed and rotary wing maritime patrol aircraft in ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) operations, thanks to their low weight and volume. World leader in small, medium and large naval calibers (from 12,7 to 127 mm), Leonardo will be in Singapore with guided munitions DART (Driven Ammunition Reduced Time of Flight), designed to counter highly maneuverable missiles and small fast targets. Ammunition is also on display Vulcan 76, a "destructive" solution to increase shooting support performance, already in operational service.

IMDEX Asia will represent the first stage of the campaign in the Far East of Nave “Morosini”, one of the Multipurpose Offshore Patrol Vessels of the Italian Navy. The naval unit, designed for dual purpose, integrates several new generation Leonardo systems including the ATHENA MK2, the Naval cockpit – requiring only two operators to operate the vessel and rapid reaction operations – and the new electro-optical system DSS-IRST (Distributed Static Staring-InfraRed Search and Tracking System), able to protect the structure from multiple threats along the coast (Littoral) and in the open sea (Blue Water).