Leonardo for the second year in Bloomberg's Gender-Equality Index

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo was included, for the second consecutive year, in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) 2022, which includes 418 companies worldwide, in 45 countries and in various business sectors. A weighted index for market capitalization linked to the performance of listed companies committed to transparency in the reporting of gender data. The benchmark index measures the commitment on the issue of gender equity through five specific parameters: female leadership and enhancement of talents, gender equity and equal pay, inclusive culture, policies against sexual harassment and recognition of the corporate brand such as brand in favor of women.

Leonardo stood out in Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index of 2022, in particular, for the transparency in the communication of the requested information, obtaining the maximum score, and standing above the sectoral and global average for equity and equal pay, policies against sexual harassment and recognition of the corporate brand as a brand in favor of women .

"The confirmation in the Bloomberg index represents a significant result because it demonstrates the effectiveness of our approach to sustainability", underlines Alessandro Profumo, CEO of Leonardo. "We constantly work to guarantee diversity and inclusion through a path made up of clear and measurable objectives in the medium to long term, highlighted by our Sustainability Plan and the strategic vision of Be Tomorrow 2030. Diversity is a distinctive factor for raising quality levels , competitiveness and innovation, creating added value for the benefit of the Group, its people and society ", concludes Alessandro Profumo.

A commitment, that of the company, which is expressed through concrete measures on the subject of gender equality, starting from the adoption of a remuneration policy linked to the achievement of ESG objectives (Environmental, Social and Governance), including hiring women with STEM profiles (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). The Sustainability Plan also includes objectives dedicated to gender equality: the entry of at least 32% of women on the total hires starting from 2022, while, by 2025, the recruitment of 30% of women in the area STEM and reaching 20% ​​of female executives. An approach strengthened both by training, orientation and mentoring projects, starting from the educational system (school, university and research) to facilitate access to professional paths, with particular attention to the female world, and by support initiatives and programs of development to spread inclusive models to enhance people's potential and avoid gender bias.

Leonardo's leadership on sustainability issues is attested, internationally, by numerous awards: inclusion among leading companies in Dow Jones Sustainability Indices from S&P Global, earning the highest score in the industry Aerospace & Defense for the third consecutive year; the positioning in band A of Defense Companies Index on Anti-Corruption and Corporate Transparency (DCI) developed by Transparency International; confirms them in the "Climate A List" the international organization CDP and the role of the United Nations Global Compact LEAD.

The subscription, in 2021, of the credit line Revolving Credit Facility and the subsequent line of credit Term Loan, both linked to ESG indicators, 50% of investments in support of the SDGs, Leonardo's best positioning in the main ESG ratings and the adoption of an integrated reporting model, are further elements that testify to the solidity of the company's sustainable strategy , an integral part of the business and a determining factor in the relationship with the capital market.