Leonardo and Engineering, together to accelerate the digital transition of the country

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo and Engineering have signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding), starting a strategic collaboration to identify projects and business opportunities to be developed jointly in the field of Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity. The agreement provides that the Defense, Healthcare, Finance, Public Administration and Infrastructure sectors are the main areas in which to implement the partnership with the aim of accelerating the digital transition and the growth of the country.

The MoU activates a highly collaborative relationship that will lead the two companies, each time they identify common areas of collaboration, to design and implement solutions capable of responding to the increasingly challenging needs of the market because they are based on the most innovative and strategic frontier technologies, including including AI, Big Data, Digital Twin, Cloud, Quantum computing and IoT.

Leonardo, global leader in the Aerospace, Defense & Security (AD&S) and Engineering sectors, leader in digital transformation processes for companies and PA, in fact bring together technological and business skills, to accompany, speed up and guarantee the safety of digitization processes in the market sectors in which the two companies operate, so as to make their consolidated technological know-how available to the country also in terms of economic and environmental sustainability.

Alessandro Profumo, CEO of Leonardo, highlights: “With the signing of the agreement, the distinctive excellence of two leading players in their respective business sectors are shared. The sum of the know-how of Leonardo and Engineering will make it possible to develop joint solutions in the field of sustainable Digital Transformation capable of creating value for the country. The partnership is part of Leonardo's commitment to promote an innovative ecosystem on transversal technological strands, one of the guidelines that guides the strategic plan Be Tomorrow 2030, and the commitment with Engineering assumes a particular value in light of the rapidity in the evolution of the context technology of the country that requires the search for cutting-edge solutions ".

Maximo Ibarra, CEO of Engineering, comments: “The challenges we are experiencing must be faced by creating innovative synergies and partnerships for the market and for people. The MoU signed with Leonardo makes us particularly proud because it was designed to put the commitment of two Italian excellences with strong human capital to the service of the country. As a Digital Transformation company that has the ambition of being a strategic asset for companies and PA, we sign this partnership, sharing technological skills and transversal knowledge, to support players in all markets in digitization processes in which Cybersecurity strategies are also integral part of a sustainable and inclusive Digital Transformation ".

The collaboration between Leonardo and Engineering on the Research & Development front will also be central, to encourage the use of cutting-edge technologies in digital solutions capable of anticipating rapid market changes through the launch of the collaboration between the Leonardo Labs network and Engineering research centers. At the same time, equally crucial will be the commitment of Leonardo and Engineering, companies with a high rate of human capital, in pooling their respective excellences to create training courses on highly innovative topics.

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