Leonardo and Microsoft together for the secure digitalization of the PA and national infrastructures

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo and Microsoft join forces and skills to contribute to the digital development of the country in the name of cyber security and technological innovation. The two companies will collaborate in the implementation of projects for the digital transformation of the Italian Public Administration and for national critical infrastructures, focusing on data protection and the use of advanced cloud technologies and solutions.

Cooperation, based on a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the two parties which will evolve according to agreements aimed at specific initiatives, it provides for the design and implementation of the elements necessary for the creation of the National Strategic Pole (PSN) which will manage the technological assets capable of enabling the most sensitive services in the country. On the basis of future government requirements, the joint initiative will therefore be able to extend to all Italian 'critical' infrastructures. Ultimately, on the one hand, Leonardo's long-term experience as a national champion for Cyber ​​Security and partner of the PA will be shared and, on the other, the great skills and the wide diffusion of advanced technologies and solutions. in the cloud in the public and private sectors that characterize Microsoft's offer of products and services.

The only Italian multinational dedicated to overseeing the country's strategic security technologies, Leonardo is a candidate for the role of system integrator and head of Cyber ​​Security services for the digital transformation and consolidation programs of the PA's data centers. Microsoft, in turn, will provide the technology platforms and cloud services used today by thousands of businesses and public organizations for their digital transformation projects. The collaboration also includes activities both in “HPC on cloud” solutions and in application or architectural solutions and is particularly oriented towards the digital transformation program of national healthcare.

“With this partnership Leonardo strengthens its contribution to institutions in the process of relaunching Italy, putting its skills and innovative technologies at the service of a widespread and inclusive digitization of the country's essential services”, declares Alessandro Profumo, CEO of Leonardo. "Our commitment, enriched by the most advanced technological capabilities offered by Microsoft, consolidates Leonardo's role as an absolute reference for the protection and inviolability of the data of Italians and the Public Administration, in the name of protecting national sovereignty, a requirement fundamental to support digital citizenship and open government ”.

"With this collaboration we are launching a new important chapter in the long-term partnership with Leonardo that sees us engaged in this phase of relaunching the country in the definition of resources and technological platforms to support the areas of innovation in the public sector, and critical services by aiming maximum security of services and data ”, underlines Silvia Candiani, CEO of Microsoft Italy. "We have always operated with the aim of encouraging collaborations with the main market players in order to pool solutions and skills capable of promoting new digital transformation scenarios, particularly in the public sector, a strategic lever for the growth of 'Italy".

Leonardo, through its Be Tomorrow 2030 Strategic Plan, has identified presiding over the frontier of digital innovation as one of the main growth assets over the next ten years, according to a vision of sustainable development, with the aim of generating new technologies and applications. At the forefront of the company's assets is davinci-1, a High Performance Computer equipped with an architecture that integrates the flexibility of the cloud with supercomputing capabilities to enhance the advanced Big Data and Artificial Intelligence solutions for strategic sectors of the Country.

Microsoft launched a five-year investment plan for Italy in May 2020, confirming its commitment to supporting innovation and growth in the country, with the launch of Microsoft's first Region Data Center in Italy, in Milan. The new “Ambizione Italia #DigitalRestart” plan creates new opportunities for people and organizations to grow and support economic development, through access to local cloud services, digital training programs and support for smart working. The initiative promotes the development and adoption of Artificial Intelligence solutions by companies with the "AI Hub" project and supports the issues of digital transition with an Alliance for Sustainability which aims to create an ecosystem of open innovation on green themes.