Leonardo and the trade unions sign an agreement on the development plan for the electronics sector

(To Leonardo)

The agreement on Leonardo's five-year development plan for the Electronics business was signed with the trade union organizations. The agreement came after a discussion with the social partners which began last March with the presentation of the Plan.

The strategic objective is to position the Group as a European leader in a sector of growing importance such as that of defense electronics and to accelerate the issues of digitalization and internationalization of the offer, thanks to the enhancement of assets and skills. The Plan will therefore be supported by considerable investments to strengthen the product portfolio: 300 million euros per year, of which 200 are destined for the national territory, plus a further 50 million for three years for the optimization of the industrial footprint.

The investments, financed by Leonardo, will lead to the concentration of the activities of the Electronics Division in 18 technological centers of excellence, developed on a model of intelligent factory ("factory of the future"), which, incorporating the concepts of Industry 4.0 and Digital Manufacturing, they will guarantee lean, efficient and sustainable production processes, capable of increasing the competitiveness of the national industrial fabric.

The Plan will be implemented by putting people at the center, without any reduction in the workforce but, on the contrary, the employment balance expected over the period is growing and equal to about 500 hires in the areas concerned, which will guarantee the incremental development of the business . The transfer of resources from the sites affected by closure to adjacent factories will be carried out gradually, on the basis of the timing and accompanying measures shared with the trade unions. Leonardo will be careful in mitigating any inconvenience, as well as in rigorously verifying the execution of the Plan and the planned activities.