Leonardo and CAE together for the logistical support of IFTS

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo and CAE announce the birth of "Leonardo CAE Advanced Jet Training" Srl, the Joint Venture created to support the activities of International Flight Training School (IFTS), from logistical technical support to M-346 aircraft and ground based training systems up to the operational management of IFTS infrastructures.

IFTS is an initiative born from the partnership between the Italian Air Force and Leonardo to provide advanced training services for pilots of the same Air Force and foreign air forces. The IFTS training program is based on the Air Force syllabus and concerns the pre-operational phase (also called “Phase 4”), the one that takes place before flying on the front line fighters. The IFTS can count on the advanced simulation system of the M-346 which includes the Full Mission Simulator, jointly developed by Leonardo and CAE.

The IFTS, currently operational at the Air Force base of Galatina (Lecce), starting from 2022 will be progressively deployed at the Decimomannu base (Cagliari), where last December the works for the construction of a modern campus that will house the new school.

The choice of a partner as CAE in the logistical support of IFTS testifies to our desire to offer our customers the best training services for their pilots. The establishment of this joint venture will further strengthen the consolidated collaboration with CAE, relating to the M-346 simulator, and will allow us to guarantee our customers the versatility necessary to meet their challenging training requirements and the high level of customization that some of them require, said Marco Zoff, Head of Leonardo's Aircraft Division. "The level of excellence of Leonardo, CAE and the world fame that characterizes the Italian Air Force, will guarantee the highest standard of advanced training for customer air forces at reduced costs in order to meet the growing market demand for this type of services".

The joint venture between Leonardo and CAE will guarantee the operational support of the International Flight Training School which can count on a fleet of 22 M-346 advanced training aircraft, an aircraft that allows simulation on board a wide range of elements, reproducing the most complex operational scenarios in LVC environment - “Live” (aircraft in flight), “Virtual” (ground simulators) and “Constructive” (computer generated operating scenario). The training activities will be carried out by pilot instructors of the Italian Air Force and by former military instructor pilots with extensive operational experience from the military air forces of other countries.

"CAE and Leonardo have a long industrial cooperation behind them and we are happy to provide our contribution to this innovative public-private partnership represented by the International Flight Training School"said Marc-Olivier Sabourin, CAE's Vice President and General Manager, Defense & Security International. "The partnership between Leonardo and CAE will support the M-346 integrated training system, the cornerstone of a modern and innovative advanced training program - Lead-In to Fighter Training (LIFT) - for new generation pilots".