Leonardo: contract for two AW139 helicopters with the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo's presence in US government programs continues to grow through the contract for two AW139 helicopters destined for the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) of the US Department of Energy.

The NNSA has two offices: on the east coast at Andrew's Air Force Base in Maryland and on the west coast at Henderson Airport in Nevada. The NNSA helicopters are equipped with multiple sensors that transmit information to its headquarters during the coverage of major events including the Super Bowl, as well as supporting the Federal Agency for Emergency Management during civil protection operations. The NNSA AW139s will mainly carry out two tasks: search and rescue and topographic surveys on disaster areas. The delivery of the two helicopters is scheduled for 2024.

"This contract with the NNSA further strengthens our partnership with the US government", said Clyde Woltman, Leonardo Helicopters USA Inc. President. "We are ready to work to provide additional US security helicopters".

The rapid reaction capabilities, the effectiveness in search and surveillance operations, together with its great flight range make the AW139 the ideal choice for the NNSA. This model also features best-in-class performance, technology and unmatched safety standards. Its integrated avionics system will allow the NNSA to take full advantage of its sensors and complete communications suite. Safety features, performance and load capacity are unrivaled in this weight and size category. With the addition of these helicopters, the NNSA will be able to respond to today's missions, with the potential to further enhance their capabilities for future new mission requirements.

The AW7 139-ton intermediate twin-engine helicopter has been ordered in over 1250 units by over 280 operators in 70 countries on all continents. From the first delivery in 2004 to today, the fleet has accumulated over three million flight hours. The AW139 has proven to be extremely versatile, capable of meeting the needs of multiple markets. About half of the fleet in service worldwide is used for public utility tasks: search and rescue, air ambulance, public order, fire fighting, civil protection and defense tasks. Other uses include offshore transport, VIP / corporate and government transport in addition to other civilian missions. The AW139 fleet is present all over the world with over 30% of the helicopters produced at the Leonardo plant in Philadelphia. The US Air Force (USAF) will soon bring Boeing's MH-139, based on the AW139, into service to replace its UH-1N helicopter fleet.