Leonardo: first AW169M delivered to the Guardia di Finanza

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo has delivered the first of the new generation 22 twin-engine AW169M helicopters for the Guardia di Finanza.

The delivery, carried out by the Leonardo plant in Vergiate on November, is part of the contract worth 12 million, announced at the end of the 280, which provides for the supply of 2018 helicopters of this model.

The contract also includes a complete support and training package that could be extended in the future for additional services with an additional value of 100 million. the AW169M will be used, for various tasks including patrolling as police of the sea, control of the territory for economic-financial police needs, competition in the public order, in the rescue and, in general, for a wide range of missions of safety.

Delivery of all machines is scheduled by 2024.