Leonardo delivers the last four M-346 trainer aircraft to Poland

(To Leonardo)

With 16 M-346s, the Polish Air Force can now boast the second European fleet of advanced training aircraft produced by Leonardo. The recently achieved milestone of 100,000 hours once again underlines the excellent availability and reliability parameters of the M-346 trainer aircraft

Leonardo has delivered, in line with the timescales set out in the contract, a third batch of four M-346 advanced training aircraft. Now counting on 16 aircraft, the Polish M-346 fleet is numerically the second in Europe and the third among the air forces that have chosen the aircraft.

Dario Marfè, Leonardo SVP Marketing, Sales & Customer Support Aircraft commented: “We are extremely pleased to have provided the Polish Air Force with an advanced training system centered around the M-346. We confirm our commitment to continue offering our customers the best solutions which, based on Leonardo's most advanced technologies, can support them in achieving their goals".