Leonardo: Bristow orders six AW139 helicopters for UK's "UKSAR2G" search and rescue program

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo today announced that Bristow Group Inc. (NYSE: VTOL) has signed a contract for the purchase of six AW139 helicopters to support the UK Coastguard's "UKSAR2G" search and rescue program (Maritime and Coastguard Agency - MCA ). These aircraft, for which deliveries will start in 2023 and be completed in 2024, will join the current fleet of nine AW189 SAR (Search and Rescue) helicopters under the UKSAR2G programme.

The six AW139s will feature the very latest technology and mission capability enhancements to this helicopter model, including a maximum take-off weight of 7 tonnes and the latest Honeywell Primus Epic integrated avionics standard (called Phase 8), which includes Advanced Synthetic Vision, enhanced 2D maps, and wireless data upload capability, delivering even greater all-weather capabilities and operational effectiveness. In addition, these AW139s will also be equipped with an icing protection system to further enhance mission capabilities in adverse weather conditions. This new fleet of AW139 helicopters for search and rescue tasks will benefit from the new global long-term technical assistance services program previously signed by Leonardo and Bristow for its fleet. The operator, in collaboration with Nova Systems, will carry out a mission system integration on the helicopters, once delivered, thus ensuring an even greater involvement of UK industries in the programme.

Gian Piero Cutillo, MD of Leonardo Helicopters, said: "This latest step, in support of a key partner like Bristow called to meet the needs of such an important end user, is further testimony to the exceptional capabilities of the AW139, the most successful helicopter worldwide and selected by major operators as the reference model in the category for SAR missions. The AW139 perfectly complements the medium- and long-range SAR capabilities of the AW189, offering unprecedented performance in combined missions. We are proud to continue contributing to the partnership with MCA through this helicopter, its technology and support solutions, for the benefit of all the communities that the AW139 will serve in the UK".

Bristow, Leonardo's partner for over 26 years, has a fleet comprising a wide range of models, including the AW119 single-engine, AW109 light twin-engine, AW139 intermediate class twin-engine and AW189 'super medum' class twin-engine. The Bristow fleet of Leonardo helicopters, with the arrival of the last six AW139s, will reach almost 100 units. Bristow's Leonardo helicopters have successfully carried out various types of missions, such as offshore transport in support of the energy industry, search and rescue and emergency medical service in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Australasia.

With more than 1100 helicopters in service, over 280 customers in nearly 90 countries and more than 3,3 million flight hours logged to date since its certification in 2004, the AW139 has also proven highly effective for research and rescue. Nearly 400 military, utility and civilian AW139 helicopters carry out emergency and natural disaster relief operations worldwide, having logged more than 900.000 flight hours to date. High performance, class-leading cabin space, the latest safety and certification standards (in some cases even surpassed), advanced 2 navigation capability, modern mission technology/avionics, extraordinary versatility and high level of customization ( with over 1000 certified kits for all applications) have greatly contributed to determine the AW139's unparalleled mission capability to save lives.

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