Leonardo: the Next Generation of the C-27J arrives

(To Leonardo)

The C-27J Next Generation, the new version of the consolidated C-27J Spartan, enters the final stages of testing, which stands out for new equipment, new avionics and advanced aerodynamic solutions that will further increase the performance of the aircraft. The first C-27J in the new configuration will be delivered to the launch customer as early as 2021.

The performance and reliability of the C-27J Spartan continue to grow, responding better and better to the needs of its customers. By focusing on mission versatility and flexibility, the C-27J offers an ever broader spectrum of capabilities capable of withstanding the new challenges of operators. True multiplier of operational effectiveness, with unrivaled mission flexibility, the latest evolution of the Spartan represents an economic solution and a smart investment for nations that choose this product to support their military and civil protection requirements.

Marco Zoff, Head of Leonardo's Aircraft Division, commented: “The latest evolution of the C-27J further enhances the Spartan's effectiveness taking it to an even higher level. Its operators will benefit from the latest generation of avionics and even better performance and efficiency. The Spartan reflects well the very essence of the concept of national security, proving to be the best set-up for defense forces operations and for their fundamental contribution to the support of the population and to civil protection tasks ". In a world affected this year not only by the COVID-19 pandemic but by many other emergencies, the international media have extensively reported on the effective and non-stop support that the C-27J has brought to the communities that have needed it. Zoff added: "Our customers consider it an element of social inclusion, being the only aircraft able to reach the population in the most remote rural areas of the country".

Leonardo is committed to supporting and protecting people and communities around the world, contributing to their sustainable growth, thanks to leadership in next generation technologies. Collaboration with governments, private individuals and in the industrial sector, aimed at offering the best security capabilities, is one of the foundations of the “Be Tomorrow - Leonardo 2030” Strategic Plan.

Already widely recognized as the most effective multi-role military transport aircraft in its size class, the C-27J Next Generation now adopts new avionics and aerodynamic developments, the latter consisting of winglets, for greater operational efficiency and further improved performance. With extensive operational experience accumulated in all geographic areas by different first level air forces, the Spartan is used in the most challenging operational contexts, from the altitudes of the Andes to Afghanistan, for military transport missions, paratroopers and materials, tactical support for troops in the "last mile", special forces operations, humanitarian assistance and support for populations affected by environmental disasters.