Leonardo at the Navy League Sea Air & Space 2023 show

(To Leonardo)

with over 7.000 employees highly skilled in the United States, Leonardo Us Holding and its subsidiaries today provide cutting-edge products and services to every branch of the US military and a wide variety of government agencies.

Leonardo's presence at the SeaAirSpace 2023 show therefore showcases advanced technologies that satisfy a broad spectrum of operational needs in the maritime domain and reaffirms the company's key competencies and competitive positioning to support the needs of the United States Defense, the domestic market for Leonardo.

Looking forward to the upcoming salon opening Sea Air & Space 2023, held in National Harbor - not far from Washington DC - from 3 to 5 April, Thomas D. Smitham, Chief of Leonardo's US Business Development Organizational Unit, declared: “Leonardo is well positioned in the United States market and we want to continue to grow significantly here, in a market that is domestic for us, continuing to develop our presence also in the maritime domain, where our already existing programs are proceeding very well, and solutions based on our key technologies have great potential to meet US defense needs."

Leonardo DRS is the world's leading supplier of marine propulsion system technologies and electrical power generators aboard ships to the United States Navy. its systems also equip the Columbia-class ballistic submarines as well as the naval units of a growing number of international customers. Our naval information systems deliver reliable, resilient communications and computational resources to U.S. and allied navies, enabling them to share data faster and improve situation awareness. Leonardo DRS, leader in the integration of computing systems for the support of naval operations, networking, radar and control systems that ensure accessible management of resources in the operational scenario and reliable and resilient communication systems to the surface and submarine fleet of the Navy of the United States.

Leonardo is the prime contractor for the supply of helicopters TH-73A Thrasher, manufactured at its Philadelphia Department of Defense facility. It will be used to train the next generation of helicopter pilots in the US Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.

Initial Operational Capability was declared by the US Navy in January of this year. There US Coast Guard work then 14 HC-27J aircraft for medium-range maritime surveillance that are providing highly satisfactory performance in various tasks thanks to the performance and reliability characteristics of the platform. Recently the US Special Operations Command awarded Leonardo SpA a contract to design, modify, integrate and install an avionics upgrade package on C-27J aircraft operated by the Special Forces and the Coast Guard.

L' M-346 it also represents the best solution to meet the training requirements of the US Navy both in the context of the UJTS (Undergraduate Jet Training Systems) program and in the TSA (Tactical Surrogate 2 Aircraft). The M-346 is a proven integrated training system that also benefits from an environment Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) fully operational and extensively tested, capable of exposing future pilots to the most complex and demanding tactical-operational scenarios.

Reference for numerous naval forces, Leonardo is currently one of the few companies in the world to offer a complete range of technologies for naval use, from Combat Management System (CMS) to kinetic systems (naval artillery, torpedoes) up to sensors, communication and mission systems. Athena CMS is internationally recognized as one of the best combat management systems: in the current MK.2 version it is also designed to be integrated with the entire range of radars such as Kronos Dual Band and PowerShield, with sensors and weapon systems present in the company's portfolio and stands out for its broad situation awareness, as well as its full interoperability and data collection and analysis capabilities. Relative to weapon systems, in addition to the 76/62 and 127/64 – at the forefront of medium and large naval calibers – Leonardo has continuously innovated the small calibers, from the Lionfish 12.7 to the Marlin 30 and 40, available in various solutions with its own FCS (Fire Control System).

As part ofelectronics for the defense Leonardo presents “BriteCloud”, a countermeasure that provides aircraft with protection from radar-guided surface-to-air and air-to-air missiles. BriteCloud contains a powerful miniaturized jammer that sends "ghost" electronic signals capable of confusing incoming missiles and moving them away from the aircraft. Numerous international customers then use the radar system Osprey for defence, security, civil protection, environmental monitoring, search and rescue missions. SAGE finally it is a ESM / ELINT system digital for RF intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions suitable for a wide range of aircraft, from tactical UAVs or light helicopters to the largest reconnaissance and maritime patrol aircraft.