Leonardo: in Qatar a training, test and training system in the cyber field

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo has been chosen by the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) to provide a Cyber ​​Range & Training system for training operators and assessing the resilience of infrastructures to cyber attacks. The contract, signed with the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development - the organization to which the QCRI computer research institute belongs - is part of the recent cooperation agreements between Italy and Qatar.

With the Cyber ​​Range & Training solution it is possible to manage a "training process", which begins with the design of the learning path and continues with specific training sessions, to allow students and operators to practice thanks to the simulation of real attack scenarios / defense of various complexity. These scenarios involve both IT (IT) and operational (OT) systems.

The goal is to train qualified and up-to-date teams, ready to prevent and face constantly evolving cyber threats.

"The choice of the Cyber ​​Range & Training platform by the Qatar Computing Research Institute represents an important recognition, both because it is a reliable and innovative solution developed by Leonardo and its partners, also with a view to open innovation, and because it confirms the trust of customers and the effectiveness of Leonardo's strategy on international markets in the Cyber ​​Security field ", underlined Tommaso Profeta, Managing Director of Leonardo's Cyber ​​Security Division.

The solution also makes it possible to evaluate resilience to cyber attacks, analyzing software, procedures and organization adopted for the management of IT infrastructures. The Cyber ​​Range, in fact, allows to simulate different attack scenarios for practical Cyber ​​Warfare exercises and to represent real operating environments with the aim of verifying, before their use, the capabilities and functioning of the physical and virtual devices used.

Collaboration with governments, private entities and in the industrial sector aimed at offering the best capabilities to protect people and communities, working for sustainable progress in a safer world is one of the foundations of the “Be Tomorrow-Leonardo 2030” Strategic Plan.