Leonardo: 260 million euros of “Sustainability-Linked” financing from the European Investment Bank

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo and the European Investment Bank (EIB) today signed a loan agreement for 260 million euros. The loan "Sustainability-Linked" is aimed at promoting Research, Development and Innovation (CSR) activities in the field of helicopter, security and electronics for defense and space, as well as the research activities carried out by Leonardo Labs while contributing to the fight against climate change.

The loan, which will have a maximum duration of 12 years and a pre-amortization period of up to four years, provides for an adjustment of the margin based on Leonardo's achievement of certain indicators (KPIs) linked to ESG objectives.

Alessandro Profumo, CEO of Leonardo, commented "This loan will allow Leonardo to make an important contribution to high-tech investments in helicopters, security, IT infrastructures, commercial electronics, space and Leonardo Labs, for the development of new cutting-edge technologies . "

"It is the first funding in the A&D sector in which one of the selected ESG targets is linked to technology, in particular the increase in Leonardo's per capita computing power, as a key enabler and booster in our research, numerical simulation, big data analytics and artificial intelligence. The other KPI is the reduction of CO2 emissions - concludes Alessandro Profumo - confirming Leonardo's commitment to contributing to the fight against climate change. "

The loan will allow Leonardo to have access to a long-term financing instrument at more favorable conditions than those offered on both the banking and bond markets, as well as flexibility in the timing of the loan drawing that can take place within the next 15 months.

This is the fourth operation carried out between the EIB and Leonardo; the first, fully reimbursed, worth 500 million euros, dating back to 2009, was aimed at the development and production of technologically innovative aeronautical components; the second, worth 300 million euros dating back to 2018 and the third, for a further 200 million euros concluded in 2020, aimed instead at supporting investment projects in four specific areas of intervention relating to the development of high-tech products in the helicopter sector, Cyber ​​security, Advance manufacturing (Industry 4.0) and Investments in cohesion areas. 

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