The CEO of Avio Aero awarded Transports CEO 2019 by Forbes Italia

(To Avio Aero)

Riccardo Procacci, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Avio Aero, was honored as CEO of the year in the Transports category to the CEOs of the Italian Awards 2019, organized by Forbes Italia and Business International.

Eng. Procacci is rewarded “for having brought the Italian aeronautics industry to the highest levels, and above all for having contributed to the development of the new generation engines mounted aboard the Airbus A320, the Boeing 737 and the Boeing 777X in a sector that as a limit has really only the sky. ”These are the words of Alessandro Rossi - Director of Forbes Italia - at the time of the award ceremony.

"It is an honor for me to receive this award," said Riccardo Procacci, CEO of Avio Aero. It is the result of a great team work that starts from the 5200 people of Avio Aero and involves all the Italian and European SMEs, Universities and Institutions that with their work contribute to making our company and the whole of each day bigger. aeronautical sector. Making innovation and allowing, at any time, about 300.000 people can be in flight relying on the safety of our products, it is a responsibility that we feel strongly and that guides our every action. It is a joy for me to see it recognized ”.

The 2019 CEOs of the Italian Awards were held last night at the Parky Hyatt in Milan. Forbes Italia and Business International have rewarded the best top managers at the helm of the entrepreneurial realities present in our country who during the 2019 distinguished themselves for boldness and resourcefulness, consolidating the competitiveness of their companies on international markets and making them, at the same time, places of work better and more attentive to people's needs.