Indra delivers an explosives analysis laboratory to the European Defense Agency

(To Indra)

Indra has delivered to the European Defense Agency (EDA) an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) analysis laboratory ready for the 20 team of specialists who will analyze the samples collected after an attack made with these devices and collect information on the techniques, the terrorist tactics and procedures.

The delivery of the system was carried out after having successfully passed the tests conducted by the EDA in Spain and the Netherlands. Indra trained in the installation of the lab and the use of the systems.

The system is currently located at the explosives deactivation center in Soesterberg, the Netherlands, which leads the Joint Deployable Exploitation and Analysis Laboratory program (JDEAL).

The 13 countries participating in the program, including Italy, aim to jointly develop shareable tools and capabilities. In this sense, the Indra lab facilitates the training of experts from different countries and could possibly be transported to the operation areas if required.

The laboratory is composed of 13 modular containers that can be configured to adapt to the needs of the mission. It will be ready for field collection of NRBQe samples (Nuclear, Radiological, Biological, Chemical and explosives) and for biometric and chemical analysis of the remains found, including the electronic components used in the device's operating system.

The lab also has computer data analysis capabilities and a cutting-edge information management system. This application will allow the comparison of an event with previous events and will support the planning of the work, the creation of the respective reports and the monitoring and traceability of the evidence chain of custody.