MBDA's Sea Ceptor will protect Polish Miecznik frigates


MBDA has been awarded a contract in Poland to equip three new Miecznik class frigates of the Polish Navy with the naval air defense system Be Acceptor.

Il Be Acceptor is a state-of-the-art naval air defense system that protects naval vessels and their associated units from modern air and surface threats, such as supersonic anti-ship missiles and unmanned vessels.

The contract is based on a series of strategic agreements between MBDA and Poland relating to the CAMM family of air defense missiles. To equip the Mieczniks, Poland will benefit from the interoperability of CAMMs, designed specifically for the land and naval domains, using already purchased supplies. CAMMs will be effectively installed on board the Mk41 vertical launch systems - with a four-cell solution - which allow a high embarkation capacity, thus increasing the survivability of the platform.

MBDA is collaborating with PGZ to create a sovereign missile capability in Poland through the NAREW program, supported by unprecedented knowledge and technology transfer by MBDA. The use of the CAMM family for the PILICA+, NAREW and MIECZNIK programs will provide Poland with significant efficiency, while supporting Polish industry and increasing highly skilled jobs. The contract for the Miecznik frigates further demonstrates the strategic relationship between MBDA and PGZ - which also includes shared work on the future medium-range CAMM missile - and the strength of defense cooperation between the UK and Poland. Many Armed Forces around the world such as Poland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Brazil and, more recently, Sweden, have chosen to rely on the CAMM family, for the latest generation naval and land air defense .