Minister Pinotti visits the AgustaWestland facilities in Poland


The Minister of Defense, Roberta Pinotti, during a visit to Poland, went yesterday to the headquarters of PZL-idwidnik, a subsidiary of Finmeccanica-AgustaWestland. On this occasion, the minister expressed satisfaction with the high technological level of the Polish company's products and activities.

"The presence in Poland of an Italian technological outpost so advanced and capable of giving a lot of employment - the minister declared - is a source of pride for Italy. This contributes to strengthening relations between the two countries and building new ones for the future that will also cover other industrial sectors ".

PZL-idwidnik and AgustaWestland participate in the tender called by the Polish Ministry of Defense for the supply of 70 multi-role helicopters - whose value amounts to approximately 2,5 billion - with the AW149 model. If successful, the AW149 would be produced at the PZL-idwidnik plant with the contribution of more than 900 local suppliers, not only for the Polish market but also for the international one.

The production of AW149 in Poland would have positive repercussions on the entire supply chain, in particular on the Italian one, as well as creating opportunities for development and new jobs.

With more than 60 years of experience and over 7.400 produced helicopters, PZL-widnik, a company owned by Finmeccanica-AgustaWestland from the 2010 and with over 3.500 employees, is the only Polish company with the ability to design and produce helicopters. The product range of PZL-idwidnik, a traditional helicopter supplier of the Polish Ministry of Defense, with more than 150 units already in service, is able to meet civil and governmental requirements. The company is also an important industrial partner in the aerospace sector as an aerostructure supplier for many of the world's leading aircraft manufacturers.

Source: Finmeccanica

(photo: AgustaWestland archive)

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