IMMSI Group: Intermarine, UNPAV Angelo Cabrini delivered to the Italian Navy


Intermarine, a subsidiary of the Immsi SpA Industrial Group (IMS.MI), announces that it has delivered the UNPAV Naval Unit (High Speed ​​Multifunctional Naval Unit) to the Italian Navy, called Angelo Cabrini.

The ship, delivered in line with the timetable of the time schedule, is the first of a larger order made up of two units, and meets the highest quality standards.

The event, chaired by the admiral chief inspector Matteo Bisceglia, director of Naval Armaments, by the divisional admiral Paolo Pezzutti, commander of COMSUBIN, and by Admiral Eduardo Serra, logistic commander of the Navy, took place in Porto Lotti (La Spezia) in the presence of Intermarine management and military and civil authorities.

The ship was given the name of Angelo Cabrini, admiral and raid of the Royal Navy, decorated with the Gold Medal for Military Valor for the sinking of the English heavy cruiser Y the 26 march 1941 in the bay of Suda in Crete.

UNPAV is a versatile and modern naval vessel that will provide a high value to the Navy's specific capabilities, in particular ensuring support for the activities of its Special Forces (Raid Operative Group - GOI), both in the training phase and in the course of operations real. The two units of the class ("Cabrini", head of the class, and "Tedeschi") will also contribute to the control of maritime traffic, the combating of illicit traffic, security in environments with asymmetric threat and the evacuation of personnel from areas of crisis.

Versatility is one of the fundamental characteristics of the UNPAV unit, able to meet multiple needs, thanks to a platform with free spaces dedicated to the transport of specific equipment of the COMSUBIN-GOI, capable of developing high speed and built with materials characterized by robustness, ballistic protection, heat resistance, shielding from electromagnetic interference, reduced weight and high structural resistance.

The unit, which can accommodate a crew of 27 people between fixed crew and Special Forces team boarded, is constructed of composite material, has a length of 44,16 meters overall, a width of 8,4 meters for 1,5 meters of diving, and a displacement of 185 tons. This platform allows the boarding of a RHIB Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat Zodiac Hurricane 733 used by the GOI, via a slide at the stern and an integrated launch and recovery system.

The propulsion system consisting of 3 pairs of Kamewa Hydrogens and XUUMXV 16 M2000 MTU engines, installed in two different engine rooms, provides the unit with the maximum speed of over 94 nodes. The waterjets offer great maneuverability and high reactivity such as to keep the platform stable and steady alongside other units.

The unit is characterized by a high level of automation that guarantees the containment of the number of crew members.

The dashboard is protected ballistically and allows a view to 360 °. The integrated dashboard console allows the control of the entire Combat System as well as the equipment for navigation and operation of the unit and the platform control and monitoring system.

A modular area in the aft area of ​​the covered bridge allows different types of operations such as naval assault operations, release and recovery of Incursori operators employed in Special Operations. Furthermore, in particular configurations it is possible to install a containerized decompression chamber to support underwater activities. There are some rooms of the unit completely dedicated to hosting the COMSUBIN equipment.