The extension of the integrated logistic support contract for the KC-767A fleet has been signed between Segredifesa and Boeing

(To Secret defense)

Signed today in Palazzo Guidoni, seat of the General Secretariat of Defense and National Directorate of Armaments, between the Directorate of Aeronautical Armaments and Airworthiness (Armaereo) and the company Boeing, the purchase order to extend the logistic support service until December 2025 to the Tanker KC-767A fleet. 

The contract Performance Base Logistic will ensure an optimization of logistical support by generating a capacitive level of in-flight refueling adequate to the challenges of current and future scenarios, where the KC-767A Tanker aircraft is essential in the current complex international crisis scenarios, also for its secondary strategic transport capabilities .

The new contract, implemented in a particularly short timeframe, in addition to incorporating the most recent developments in the technical regulations of the sector and defining an articulated mechanism of performance indicators that accurately measure the effective mission capacity expressed by the tanker fleet, also implements a technological obsolescence resolution plan in order to guarantee and maintain a high capacity level.