Finmeccanica: new agreement with Panama for the supply of helicopters and security systems

(To Finmeccanica)

Government of the Republic of Panama and Finmeccanica have reached an agreement today that puts an end to disputes relating to contracts awarded, in the 2010, to Selex ES and to Telespazio, as part of the 30 June 2010 intergovernmental agreement between the Panamanian Republic and the Italian Republic, and aims, together with another contract assigned to AgustaWestland, to provide the Central American country with an integrated coastal surveillance system to combat illegal trafficking.

The agreement between the Republic of Panama and Finmeccanica provides for the extension of the original contract assigned to Telespazio for the supply of a digital mapping system of the Panamanian territory as well as the consensual termination of the contract assigned to Selex ES concerning the provision of a surveillance system radar, against which the Republic of Panama will be entitled to purchase helicopters or other equipment from Finmeccanica.

The choice of the Panamanian Government does not concern the quality of the radar systems supplied by Selex ES but arises from an autonomous reconsideration of the overall surveillance system of the coastal area of ​​the country. On the basis of the agreement, Finmeccanica will also deliver an AgustaWestland helicopter free of charge to the Republic of Panama, while the Panamanian government has undertaken to withdraw the disputes with the Panamanian Supreme Court requesting their extinction, and to relaunch the commercial relations with Finmeccanica in a spirit of renewed confidence.

(Photo: Finmeccanica)