Fincantieri: “Atlante” launched in Castellammare di Stabia


The launching ceremony of the LSS (Logistic Support Ship) "Atlante" logistical support unit, which is part of the Navy's fleet renewal plan, took place today at the Fincantieri shipyard in Castellammare di Stabia.   

The ceremony was held in the presence of the Chief of Staff of the Navy, Team Admiral Enrico Credendino, welcomed by the President of Fincantieri, General Claudio Graziano, by the CEO and General Director, Pierroberto Folgiero, and by the General Director of the Ships Division Fincantieri military, Dario Deste. Also participating, among others, were Joachim Sucker, Director of the Joint Organization for Armament Cooperation (OCCAR), and the Director of the Naval Armaments Directorate - NAVARM, Chief Inspector Admiral Giuseppe Abbamonte.

Godmother of the new unit, Mrs. Federica Gargano, niece of Admiral Romeo Oliva, former Commander of the Naval Forces, decorated with two Silver Medals for Military Valor.

“Atlante”, which will be delivered in 2025, is the second unit of this type built for the Navy, with the first, “Vulcano” ship delivered by Fincantieri in 2021. It will guarantee logistical support to the national naval component by possessing operational capabilities in various sectors : defense of the country's vital interests, defense of the Euro-Atlantic spaces, contribution to the creation of international peace and security, competitions and specific tasks including assistance in the event of public disasters.

The logistical support units are part of the Navy fleet renewal plan, commissioned to the Temporary Business Grouping (RTI) made up of Fincantieri and Leonardo, and stand out for their very high level of innovation which makes them extremely flexible and efficient in different usage profiles. In particular, these units can be used in a complementary way even in activities that are not purely military such as, for example, support to Civil Protection in humanitarian aid and rescue operations. They also have a low environmental impact thanks to the adoption of advanced generation and propulsion systems with low polluting emissions (generators and electric propulsion motors) and control of biological effluents.

Technical characteristics of the unit - LSS - Logistic Support Ship

The LSS is a logistical support unit for the fleet also equipped with hospital and healthcare capabilities. The ship combines the ability to transport and transfer liquid cargoes (diesel, aviation fuel, fresh water) and solids (spare parts, food and ammunition) to other naval units and to carry out repair and maintenance operations at sea for other units . Defense systems are represented by command and control capabilities in tactical scenarios, communications and non-lethal dissuasive defense systems. The unit is capable of carrying even more complex defense systems and supporting intelligence and electronic warfare equipment.

• approximately 27.000 tonnes

• 193 meters long

• approximately 20 knots of speed

• 235 people between crew and specialists

• rescue capacity at sea

• Ability to recover vehicles and materials from the surface and bottom

• base for rescue operations via helicopters and special boats