Fincantieri: sheet metal cutting for the second LSS unit for the Italian Navy

(To Fincantieri)

The sheet metal cutting ceremony of the second logistic support ship (LSS, or Logistic Support Ship) destined for the Navy, as part of a program that also includes a third, took place today at the shipyard in Castellammare di Stabia, where the ship will be fully built and delivered in 2025.

The contract is worth around 410 million euros including the combat system.

As part of the multi-year program for the protection of the defense maritime capacity (the so-called "Naval Law"), Fincantieri is currently building seven multipurpose offshore patrol vessels (PPAs) - the first, "Thaon di Ravel", was delivered in March - and the transport and landing unit (LHD - Landing Helicopter Dock) “Trieste”. Furthermore, last year the Group delivered the LSS "Vulcano", launched at the Castellammare di Stabia shipyard, a project that was also acquired by the French National Navy for the definition of the program. Flotlog, a series of units built in collaboration with the Campania shipyard.

The fundamental characteristic common to all three classes of ships is their very high level of innovation which makes them extremely flexible in different usage profiles with a high degree of efficiency. In particular, these units can be used in a complementary way also in activities that are not purely military such as for example to support civil protection in activities of humanitarian assitance e disaster relief; in addition they have a low environmental impact thanks to the adoption of advanced generation and propulsion systems with low polluting emissions (generators and electric propulsion motors) and control of biological effluents.