Fincantieri will develop the first decision intelligence platform in Italy

(To Fincantieri)

Fincantieri has acquired a stake in DIDO (Decision Intelligence for in-Depth Optimization), an Italian startup specialized in the development of models of complex industrial systems, and artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, based on skills developed by a group of professors of the Milan Polytechnic.

Thanks to the operation, by 2022 Fincantieri will equip itself with a digital decision intelligence platform, first of its kind in Italy. This tool, by integrating models of complex systems with machine learning techniques, artificial intelligence algorithms and statistical methods for data analysis, will be able to automatically produce decisions, such as optimal solutions to complex problems, even going so far as to prescribe the most appropriate to be implemented, taking into account the uncertainties relating to possible evolutionary scenarios and their forecast.

The platform will enable significant on the one hand cost savings, on the other hand greater efficiency of systems and processes which will result in an increase in profits from production and service activities, with a decrease in risks, both operational and occupational, and the generation of new business opportunities. To this end, some modules of the platform will concern the efficiency of purchasing processes, the reduction of energy consumption, the optimization of prosuming (i.e. those aimed at consumers who are themselves producers), the identification of optimal predictive and prescriptive maintenance strategies, the optimization of the logistics management of spare parts and related warehouse.

Subsequently, starting in 2023, the platform will be made available available on the market, addressing both the world of industry and that of infrastructure.

Enrico Uncle, lecturer at the Politecnico di Milano and at the Ecole de Mines Paristech and President of DIDO, commented: “For some time now we have been experiencing an exciting moment of ferment for the growth of our Company and our associated way of life. Technology today allows us to systematize knowledge, information, data and images of processes, which form the basis of today's activities, in order to make the best decisions and achieve technical, economic, social and environmental objectives. The collaboration with Fincantieri therefore represents a great opportunity for the development of the country's industry and services, and therefore for the well-being of its population ".

Laura Luigia Martini, CEO Business Advisor and Executive Vice-President Corporate Business Development of Fincantiericommented: “With this initiative we confirm our commitment in the long march towards the digital transition of the Group and the country. Introducing decision intelligence and putting it into a system means, in fact, contaminating the Italian market with highly innovative solutions, which today make Fincantieri a forerunner in the sector. The goal is to become a market leader in the offer of technologies and methodologies to support the definition of corporate strategies ".