Fincantieri honors the memory of Giuseppe Bono

(To Fincantieri)

A great leader leaves us. For two decades at the helm of Fincantieri, Giuseppe Bono has made a fundamental contribution to the relaunch of Italian naval engineering which today can boast undisputed world leadership.

“On behalf of all our colleagues we want to remember the one who represented a reference figure for the national industry. Giuseppe Bono has developed and carried forward a courageous and far-sighted vision, with constant attention to people, always taking up the most difficult challenges and always pursuing the interest of the country. The firm respect for work as a primary value was the distinctive feature and the beacon of his action. His death deeply grieves the whole community of Fincantieri which, in such a sad moment, wants to make him feel his closeness to the family ”.

So declared the president Claudio Graziano and the managing director Pierroberto Folgiero.

Photo: Fincantieri

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