Fincantieri will build 6 robotic ships for Ocean Infinity

(To Fincantieri)

Fincantieri will build 6 robotic ships for Ocean Infinity, whose fleet of remotely controlled “Armada” ships will expand to 23 ships, making it by far the largest in the world.

The 85-meter-long ships to be built at the Vard Vung Tau shipyard in Vietnam will support Ocean Infinity's mission to employ innovative technology to transform offshore operations across a wide range of industries.

The units will be operated from the ground and will be able to use green ammonia as a fuel. Thanks to Ocean Infinity's infrastructure, including the control center, currently being commissioned, remote and low-emission operations are becoming a closer reality for the global maritime industry.

This new contract, which confirms the trust of the shipowner, already a customer of Vard, in the Fincantieri Group, facilitates the next phase of joint development between the companies, which is based on the management technologies of the on-board and automation platforms of Vard, combined the systems integration capability and infrastructure for remote operations of Ocean Infinity.