Fincantieri: results at 30 September 2020 approved

(To Fincantieri)

The Board of Directors of FINCANTIERI SpA ("Fincantieri" or the "Company"), meeting under the chairmanship of Giampiero Massolo, examined and approved the interim financial information as at 30 September 20201.

On the sidelines of the Board meeting, Giuseppe Bono, Chief Executive Officer of Fincantieri, commented: “The results as at 30 September reflect the difficulties of one of the most delicate historical moments for the world economy and that Fincantieri itself has ever faced. The comparison with the same period last year, net of the evidence of the numbers, is not significant because 2020 reflects an exceptional situation. Therefore, beyond the results, I believe our ability to look to the future and to ensure stability and continuity of work for the next few years should be emphasized for our shareholders and our other stakeholders. In cruises we are witnessing a very gradual recovery, as it is understandable that it is, and this confirms our strategy that has allowed us to keep the orders that will allow us to reach 2027/2028. In the military, in addition to the recent prestigious order for ships destined for the US Navy, we have concrete negotiations underway with foreign countries for the export of FREMM frigates. We are also achieving important results in innovative sectors with significant development potential, in particular in infrastructures and in the supply of cutting-edge products and services. "

Bono then concluded: “At the same time we have adopted a policy to safeguard the health of our workers, the company's true wealth, with a series of actions that have made it possible to limit infections. Furthermore, I must acknowledge that all the staff are working enthusiastically to face the difficult situation and to guarantee the company a prosperous future. "

1 Prepared in accordance with international accounting standards (IAS / IFRS) and not subject to auditing

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