Fincantieri: expansion of the Riva Trigoso shipyard, memorandum of understanding for alternative roads

(To Fincantieri)

GENOA. Encourage the construction of both the coastal and sea works necessary for the expansion of the shipyard and an alternative road system on the left bank of the Petronio torrent, which guarantees better access not only to the shipyard but also to other companies in the area, with the planning of the new road by the Municipality with the support of the Region. These are the objectives of the Memorandum of Understanding signed today between the Liguria Region, Fincantieri and the Municipality of Sestri Levante to encourage the creation of a 'harmonious project for the development of the production plant, considered of national importance, in a context of environmental protection, constituting therefore a virtuous example of collaboration for the sustainable development of the territory'. The document was signed by the governor Giovanni Toti, the managing director of Fincantieri Pierroberto Folgiero and the deputy mayor regent of Sestri Levante Pietro Gianelli.

“Today we keep a commitment – explains the president Toti – that we had undertaken to facilitate the construction of the new road system, so that the heavy traffic directed to the construction site transits outside the village of Riva Trigoso. An intervention that will improve the quality of life of the residents, definitively overcoming the problems also experienced by tourists, especially during the summer season. For these reasons, the Region will support the Municipality of Sestri Levante, which has already prepared the feasibility project and will prepare the final and executive design of the new road system. This is a fundamental element in view of the expansion of the plant which will guarantee an improvement in terms of safety of the processes and an increase in productivity and employment".

Satisfied the CEO of Fincantieri, Pierroberto Folgiero: “The signing of this Protocol marks an important step forward not only for our Riva Trigoso plant, which will thus be able to secure its infrastructure and enhance its production horizon, but also for the local area, which will thus be able to preserve and continue to benefit from the flywheel and employment effect of the construction site, also reconciling it with environmental protection and the improvement of urban traffic". "I thank the Institutions, the Liguria Region and the Municipality of Sestri Levante - continues Folgiero - for this close cooperation which has helped us to harmonize the requests of the territory with the needs and business opportunities, thus favoring the relaunch of the Ligurian shipbuilding industry and the improvement of quality of life of the community that hosts the plant".

The Municipality of Sestri Levante declares: “The consolidation process of an important local company is always good news, which we hope will produce an increase in employment for the people who live here. With the signing of this important protocol, the Municipality sees the recognition of the great work undertaken in recent years and which will lead to the achievement of a historic objective, the construction of the new road to free the historic center of Riva Trigoso and the Lavagnina district from heavy traffic of industrial means. In recent years, the Municipality of Sestri Levante has worked assiduously to build the conditions with the interlocutors involved - RFI and Arinox - to carry out the project and has supported the development of the feasibility design of the new road route, an indispensable tool for the subsequent definitive design and executive, which, as indicated in the Protocol, is financed by the Region. Through this Protocol we have also requested the activation of a technical table to monitor the erosion phenomena affecting our coast, to strengthen its protection and to first study and then carefully monitor the impact of the interventions, so that the seafront protection.

In particular, through the Liguria Region protocol, it undertakes to finance, according to the procedures of the revolving planning fund, the elaboration of the definitive and executive project of the new road network, according to methods and times that will be the subject of specific agreements with the Municipality; to seek internally as well as at governmental and European level the financial resources necessary for the construction of the new alternative road network; to take an active part together with the Municipality to define an Agreement within six months of signing for the availability of the areas necessary for the construction of the road network in question with Rfi and Arinox; to collaborate with the Municipality of Sestri Levante as regards the promotion of further development interventions of the production plant of national importance, combined with infrastructural works for the benefit of the community and the definition of the construction aspects and the finding of forms of financing, including regional ones. Fincantieri undertakes to define the works envisaged in phases 1 and 2 of the project; to carry out a 'Monitoring Plan' of the coastal dynamics, i.e. of the beach between the mouth of the Petronio torrent and the Renà beach, in the phases preceding, contextually and following the implementation of the intervention; to maintain adequate workloads at the construction site, with a view to a potential increase in employment and positive effects on the local economy; to provide the necessary support in the planning phase of the alternative road system by the Municipality. The municipal administration of Sestri Levante undertakes to verify compliance with the guidelines voted unanimously by the municipal council; to provide the Region and Fincantieri with the feasibility study already carried out for the alternative road network; to promote further development interventions on the construction site combined with infrastructural works for the benefit of the community, to define the construction aspects and to find forms of financing.