Enel and Leonardo enter into a strategic collaboration for innovative sustainable solutions for the benefit of their customers

(To Leonardo)

Enel and Leonardo have signed a letter of intent for a strategic collaboration focused on the issues of safety, energy efficiency, satellite communications and electric mobility. The partnership envisages, in addition to a series of activities that the two companies will provide in their respective reference businesses, the development and implementation of new features and technologies for specific offers dedicated to their customers. The collaboration will lead to the development of innovative solutions both in the energy and electric mobility sector with regard to Leonardo's plants, and in the area of ​​security, digitalisation and satellite communications for the benefit of Enel's strategic assets.

"The collaboration between two Italian excellences will allow to further enhance their respective skills for the development of innovative services to be applied internationally" - says Francesco Starace, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Enel. “Thanks to this strategic partnership, we will be able to use Leonardo's technologies and know-how for the safety and control of our assets, making our innovative solutions in the energy field available to us. The collaboration will also allow us to extend the offers for our customers for energy efficiency and video surveillance ".

"In a systematic logic with Enel, collaboration and sharing of high-profile technological know-how and skills will also bring benefits to customers and communities in the countries where the two partners operate", underlines Alessandro Profumo, CEO of Leonardo. "We are making choices increasingly based on a long-term sustainable vision, in line with the Be Tomorrow - Leonardo 2030 strategic plan, thanks to integrated solutions with multiple application potentials and to Leonardo's consolidated expertise, factors capable of producing significant positive effects for development and progress ".

In addition to the supply of electricity and gas, Enel will offer Leonardo, through Enel X, efficient and green energy self-production plants, energy efficiency, consumption monitoring and Demand response for offices and factories in Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States. Added to these are interventions on the electricity grids serving the factories, to improve the quality and stability of power supply, and solutions for the spread of electric mobility, through the installation of Enel X charging infrastructures in Leonardo's offices.

As part of the collaboration, Leonardo will offer Enel solutions and services for the security of strategic assets. Between these, control room for the monitoring of infrastructures that integrate field sensors and geoinformation services based on satellite and drone data, information on infrastructure and soil conditions through interferometric techniques as well as solutions for predictive maintenance and secure terrestrial and satellite communications.