Elettronica presents ADRIAN in Snow Leopard version, the latest innovation in anti-drone systems

(To Electronics Group)

On the occasion of the NATO exercise held in Sestriere, Elettronica presented an evolution of its Antidrone system implemented in the capabilities to be able to operate even on the move and in extreme conditions of use and realized through the use of Artificial Intelligence techniques associated with the signal analysis and image processing.

For this specific demonstration the system was installed on a BV S7 vehicle while remaining enabled to be installed on any other vehicle, to guarantee the protection of dismounted convoys, for the protection of fixed targets.

Based on the operational requirement and the concept of use, the anti-drone uses electro-optic devices and RS Scanner / DF as the only detection sensors, guaranteeing the identification and classification of the drones at a distance such as to ensure an adequate reaction time. . Particular attention was paid to the creation of the user interface that allows you to use Snow Leopard easily even in adverse operating conditions.

"Elettronica, which has always been close to NATO and to support it with respect to the increasingly challenging operational needs in extreme environments, presented the evolution of the anti-drone system, designed for mobile operation, and conceived with the most advanced Intelligence algorithms Artificial result of the company's considerable investments in research and development. " Paolo Izzo, Chief Sales Officer of Electronics.