Elettronica Group grows with the newco EltHub

(To Electronics)

Elettronica SpA acquired 70% of EltHub, a newco set up by G&A Engineering Srl with the transfer of its strategic assets. The operation aims to strengthen its value proposition, already strongly oriented towards the Research and Development of innovative solutions in the Defense, Space, Security and Civil sectors, and to face new challenges and new markets.

In the renewed corporate structure, EltHub has Marco Giordano * as general manager and members of the board of directors Amaury Choppin *, as chairman, and Lorenzo Benigni * and Giorgia Pontetti *, as members.

“For Electronics - declares the managing director and chairman Enzo Benigni - a company with 70 years of experience in the domain of the electromagnetic spectrum and with a consolidated heritage of products in the cyber and homeland secuity field, the operation is part of the Tenet 2030 strategic plan, which will see it committed over the next 10 years. In particular, the strategic objectives of the company include further innovation of products and services - including the integration of the EW with the Cyber ​​and Space domain - the expansion towards new geographies and the insertion of the company in new competitive markets. , such as medical and critical infrastructure. In this sense, the acquisition also strengthens the sustainability vocation of the corporate value proposition ".

The contribution of G&A Engineering to EltHub concerns expertise and products, complementary to those of Electronics, in the Space, Defense, Automotive, Industrial and Electromedical sectors, together with specific expertise in applied research in the sectors of microelectronics for space and military applications. The company's expertise also includes the search for solutions in the civil, space and automotive fields such as hydroponic greenhouses, 3D food printers, microsatellites for space experiments, cyber resilience systems, event recording and command and control systems for fleets. in the automotive sector. The company is also totally independent from a production point of view, having among the assets available a mechanical workshop, a line for the construction and testing of electronic boards and a certified high performance clean room that reaches class 10 (ISO 4). .

All these characteristics give EltHub unique capabilities that will allow it to become a point of reference within the Electronics Group with the aim of:

  • Further increase the Group's propensity for Research and Innovation, through disruptive technological projects in the defense and security but also civil and space sectors
  • Strengthen technical and engineering skills in order to identify increasingly performing and distinctive solutions
  • To give the Group an important rapid prototyping capacity for new solutions and newly conceived systems, consequently reducing the time to market
  • Diversify the reference markets
  • To bring a new and important push towards the social sustainability component of the value proposition of the Elettronica Group

Through this operation, therefore, Elettronica enriches the already solid wealth of skills of the Group in the Defense, Security and Cyber ​​sectors with skills and products transversal to these areas, giving a further driving force to innovation and sustainability.


Marco Giordano (General Manager EltHub Srl) has a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Perugia and a Masters in Executive Business Administration from the LUISS Business School. In 1999 he joined Alenia Spazio SpA. In Elettronica SpA since 2004, he held numerous positions in the Procurement area, up to the position of Director of Sourcing & Supply Management from 2013 to 2022.

Amaury Choppin (President EltHub Srl) is Vice President Administration & Control of Elettronica SpA He holds a degree in Business Management from Paris IX Dauphine University. He began his career in 1990 at Arthur Andersen in the Paris office and then in Rome where he became Manager in 1995. In 1996 he joined Thales as Financial Controller of Electronics. In 1997 he joined Electronics, where over the years he held numerous positions in the Finance and IT sectors.

Lorenzo Benigni (member of the board of directors of EltHub Srl) he is Senior Vice President and Director of Governmental & Institutional Relations of Elettronica SpA. He has been in Electronics since 1999 after earning a degree in Business Administration from John Cabot University and a Masters from LUISS Business School. He is President of the Technical Committee for Cybersecurity of Unindustria Lazio

Giorgia Pontetti (member of the Board of Directors and Technical Director of EltHub Srl) has a degree in Electronic Engineering from the Roma Tre University in 2001 and a degree in Astronautical Engineering from the La Sapienza School of Aerospace Engineering in 2004. From 1966 to 2022 She was Sole Director of G&A Engineering. You have extensive experience in the Defense and Aerospace sector.