DJI Dock: the new system for security and surveillance

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New high-tech solution for the security and surveillance of sensitive areas: it's called "DJI Dock" and is an original system developed by the global giant DJI that offers an immediate response, 24 hours a day and any time for drone monitoring of military installations such as barracks and warehouses or strategic sites such as telecommunication facilities, power plants or airports. This system was officially presented during an event, which took place in Rome, which was attended by representatives of law enforcement agencies and state armed forces, as well as experts and professionals in the civil and military security sector.

“The DJI Dock is a 'base station' for Matrice 30 drones, which allows you to program and automatically carry out different mission profiles for inspections, checks and rescues even in remote or dangerous places”, declares Valentino Bertolini, marketing director of Nital, the Italian company that handles the exclusive distribution in Italy of DJI Enterprise products. “It is a professional solution, which can provide effective solutions for institutional and military security, but also for the civilian industrial market”.

The "DJI Dock" system is divided into two main elements. First of all, a small automated robotic platform (b800×885×h1065 cm), which occupies a surface area of ​​less than 1 m105, weighs less than 35 kg and can operate day and night even in difficult weather conditions and with temperatures from - 50 to +30°C. The platform houses a quadricopter of the "DJI Matrice 25" series, whose batteries can be recharged quickly in just 10 minutes thanks to the TEC cooling system, and is also equipped with a wide-angle security camera and, if necessary, even a thermal camera, an integrated weather station, a compartment for an LTE 30 connection card, an omnidirectional internal antenna, an RTK module for geopositioning and an Edge Computing expansion compartment that allows pre-processing of multimedia files. The second element is the "DJI Matrice 30" drone (in the "M30" or "M40T" versions), which has a flight autonomy of 7 minutes and a maximum range of 2 km and is equipped with sophisticated visible and infrared with wide-angle optics, zoom and laser rangefinder. The drone missions are programmed through the cloud-based management software "DJI FlightHub XNUMX" or, alternatively, through the use of third-party software.

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Photo: Defense Online