With the visit of President Rouhani the first industrial agreements between Italy and Iran

(To David Bartoccini)

The institutional visit in our country by the president of Iran Hassan Rouhani has seen the signing of the first framework agreements between Italian companies and the major Iranian companies. Our Fincantieri has reached a preliminary cooperation and development agreement with Azim Gostaresh Hormoz Shipbuilding Industry Co (AGH): a new Iranian shipbuilding complex that boasts, among others, a strategic position in the Persian Gulf, as part of the so-called "Persian Gulf Special Economic Zone" (PSEEZ), identified in the port city of Asalūyeh.

The AGH, controlled by the Iran Shipbuilding and Offshore Industries Complex Company (ISOICO), a group that in turn reports toIndustrial Development & Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO), one of the largest Iranian companies active in the country's development process is mentioned. The agreement provides for the cooperation of the two companies in the construction of merchant ships and offshore units, in addition to the one reserved for the sector of naval 'repairs and conversions', as well as in the refitting of already operating units. The collaboration aims at optimizing the construction, consultancy and assistance processes, as well as involving joint development in the design of new vessels.

Fincantieri has also signed two further agreements through its subsidiary Isotta Fraschini Motori concerning the marine propulsion sector and the rail transport sector. The agreement signed between Isotta Fraschini Motori e Arka Tejarat Qeshm (ATQ), one of the most solid trading company Iranians, prepares the supply of well 600 marine engines for the smaller naval units that will be destined for theIranian Governmental User (IGU).

Instead, 70 will be warned about engines for shunting locomotives for theIranian Railway (Rai) the agreement between Titagarh Firema Adler, a company active in the production of rolling stock, e Wagon Pars Co. (WPC), an Iranian company that operates in the construction of railway vehicles.

The CEO of Fincantieri, Giuseppe Bono, said: "Once again we have demonstrated the ability to attract the industrial interest of one of the countries with the greatest potential for development in the world. The agreements signed today, which we have achieved thanks to the presence of the company in all sectors of naval engineering and advanced manufacturing, they will certainly represent an added value of absolute importance to increase the global dimension and the export quota of our group ".

(photo: presidency of the republic)