Complete the C-27J flight tests with the winglets


Finmeccanica-Alenia Aermacchi has completed the flight tests of the modified C-27J with the addition of winglets at the wing tips. The change is one of several planned developments for the machine.

The winglets of the C-27J, which are extensions to the wingtips of the aircraft, are intended to improve the performance in flight phases of take-off and ascent improving the relationship between lift and aerodynamic drag of the wing.

The new wingtip fins will also bring benefits in take-off characteristics on high-altitude runways and in high ambient temperature conditions and will increase load capacity, range and reduce aircraft operating costs.

The first flight of aircraft with flaps was successfully held at Turin-Caselle Airport in mid-June. The in-flight experiment campaign has been able to verify the data planned at the design stage and has provided all the useful information to decide on the adoption of the wings as a standard in the C-27J, also in the armed and surveillance configurations of the aircraft, currently in development phase.

The winglets also include some components made with 3D Additive Manufacturing technology. The characteristics and properties of the material have been verified and approved by the Engineering Laboratory of Finmeccanica-Alenia Aermacchi of Pomigliano, Naples.

The photograph shows the C-27J during its first flight with the winglets.

Source: Alenia Aermacchi

photo: BestShotAircraft