Boeing begins the assembly of the first KC-46A for Japan

(To Staff)

Boeing started the assembly of the first KC46A tanker destined for Japan, with the introduction of an 25 meter beam in the 767 production chain.

Boeing was awarded the contract of military sale abroad for the KC-46A and related logistics services in December 2017. The US Air Force exercised an option for the second Japanese plane in December 2018.

Boeing is building the aircraft, both for the US Air Force and for Japan, in its Everett production line. After the initial assembly the military systems of the tanker are installed in the Edit Center of the site. The jets are then tested in flight before delivery.

Boeing started developing the KC-46A for the US Air Force in the 2011 and delivered the first model in January 2019. Japan is the program's first international customer. Deliveries to the JASDF will start in the 2021.

The KC-46A is a derivative of the commercial 767-2C, a cell in service as airliner and cargo. More than 1.150 are the 767 delivered worldwide.

Photo: Boeing