Boeing delivers first Chinook - MH-47G "Special Operations"


Boeing delivered the first newly built Chinook in MH-47G configuration to US Army Aviation Special Operations Command on Monday.

"It is an honor to receive the confidence to design and manufacture a similarly advanced feature aircraft for the US Army Special Operations Aviation Command," said Steve Parker, vice president of cargo helicopters and program manager of the H-47s. "The advanced technology for the new construction of the MH-47G ensures that users and operators will have the superior mission capability required. This delivery marks a new chapter that will carry the Chinook forward for many decades to come."

The MH-47G configuration incorporates a number of enhancements that include an advanced digital flight control system, a more robust structure, and improved aerial portability.

The entire program, worth around 300 million dollars, involves the delivery of eight copies within the 2015.

Source: Boeing

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