Avio Aero and KAI: agreement for the development of a new transmission system for the KUH helicopter

(To Avio Aero)

On 20 October, Avio Aero and Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) signed a memorandum of understanding that defines future opportunities for strategic collaboration, with the aim of developing new transmission systems for helicopters. The protocol further expands the industrial collaboration horizon defined in the contract signed on July 19th. The agreement provides that Avio Aero will provide KAI with the technical support necessary for the design, development and production of the transmission system for the Korean Utility Helicopter (KUH-1 Surion), currently produced in the KAI plants and in service with the main Operators. Government of the Republic of Korea.

The new transmission will be intended for the modernization of the KUH-1 Surion in service. The development program of the new transmission system represents an important milestone for KAI to be achieved in the near future.

The signing of the memorandum of understanding and the announcement of the contract took place during the international defense and aerospace industry fair ADEX, held at Seoul airport.

The contract provides for industrial synergies between Avio Aero and KAI for the design, development and production of the new transmission system and, initially, will be focused on the development of the main transmission of the KUH Surion. At the end of the development process, approximately 300 transmission systems for the Korean and global market will be put into production.

"The signing of the contract and the memorandum of understanding draws up a significant perimeter of industrial cooperation that sees the technological excellence of Avio Aero and Korea Aerospace Industries as protagonists" stated Sandro De Poli, Chairman of the Avio Aero Board. "The goal is to create a new transmission system that improves the performance of the KUH Surion helicopter and its future evolution KUH-2, in the interest of helicopter operators".

"We will make available to KAI all our skills and competences consolidated in decades of experience and successes that are not limited to the world of helicopter transmissions", underlined Maurizio Faucitano, Sr. Sales & Proposal Director of Avio Aero. “The contract confirms Avio Aero's entry into the competitive and demanding aeronautical market of the Far East, made possible thanks to KAI's recognition of our technological excellence, the professionalism of our engineering and the quality of our products. We place ourselves at the service of Korea proud of our experience and with the humility of those who are confronted with the innovation capacity of the Korean industry. The step we are taking today is also an opportunity to extend our supply chain to other industrial companies in this wonderful country ".

The agreement will bring further benefits to both companies, thanks to the exchange of skills and knowledge between the staff of Avio Aero and KAI who will work jointly on the development of the transmission.

The great experience of Avio Aero and the innovative production technologies used in the Rivalta di Torino and Borgaretto plants, combined with the strong propensity for innovation and technological development and the undisputed industrial solidity of Korea Aerospace Industries will be fundamental factors in contributing to the success of this ambitious program.