Aruba and Leonardo in partnership to offer a high-performance cloud with cyber security services

(To Leonardo)

Aruba SpA, the largest Italian cloud provider and leader in data center services, web hosting, e-mail, PEC and domain registration, and Leonardo, world leader in the Aerospace, Defense and Security sector, announce a partnership to market together secure cloud solutions aimed at the Italian and European market.

After the entry of both companies as "Day -1 Member" in GAIA-X, the initiative for the development of a European cloud, the two Italian excellences further accelerate the drive towards the design of projects that can guarantee and enable the sovereignty of digital data, making a concrete contribution to the development of the national cloud ecosystem.

The new offer stems from the integration of Leonardo's cyber security services with the Aruba cloud and is dedicated to large companies and organizations, National Critical Infrastructures (CNI), Public Administration, Defense.

The objective of the collaboration is to propose, through a completely Italian supply chain, highly reliable, scalable and high-performance cloud solutions, safe in terms of system protection, with the guarantee of data sovereignty and compliance with both the National Security Perimeter Cybernetics, both with European privacy standards (General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR). In particular, the partnership represents a response to specific national digital sovereignty needs for private and ad hoc cloud projects.

In detail, Leonardo will put its experience in Cyber ​​Security services, consultancy and specialist support, design and development of infrastructures for the protection of information and systems from cyber threats, as well as skills in real-time detection of incidents, management vulnerability and crisis, secure by design application development.

Aruba, for its part, relying on its experience both in the design and management of data centers and in enterprise cloud infrastructures, is able to provide completely customized unique solutions, provided by a network of owned Italian Data Centers, of enterprise level, ANSI / TIA 4-B Rating 942 certified for which at the highest levels of resilience.

The initiative will make it possible to expand the offer and strengthen Leonardo's positioning as a reference partner for institutions and industries in the management of national critical and cyber infrastructures and for Aruba, as an Italian cloud provider and interlocutor of excellence for IT projects based on solutions. cutting-edge and customized technologies. In the same way, the collaboration will allow the creation of new business scenarios and opportunities through dedicated and highly secure and performing solutions, specific for contexts such as central PA, government and defense.

"The agreement with Aruba further strengthens the distinctiveness of our offer, enhancing the national supply chain for the protection of our customers' most sensitive data and enhancing it thanks also to the synergy with Leonardo Labs and the davinci-1 supercomputer that we recently presented ", commented Tommaso Profeta, Managing Director of Leonardo's Cyber ​​Security Division. "The agreement is also in line with the" Be Tomorrow - Leonardo 2030 "Strategic Plan, which identifies collaborations with other industries, as well as with the
public, a primary tool to offer the best security capabilities for people and communities around the world, contributing to their sustainable growth. "

Stefano Cecconi, CEO of Aruba: “We are proud to have been chosen by Leonardo as a partner in this all-Italian project which aims to respond to the ever-growing needs of the Public Administration and businesses in terms of performance, reliability, protection and security of the systems that store their data. Our Cloud, our Italian Data Centers and Leonardo's Cyber ​​Security services are an extremely concrete answer, available immediately. "

The partnership is already in its operational phase: at the moment, in fact, some important projects have been launched which will soon be able to enter the development and operation phase.