ALA, the Campania multinational logistics at the service of aerospace is growing

(To Staff)

The ALA group closed the 2020 financial year with positive and growing results. In 2020 ALA recorded a production value of € 136,8 million compared to € 135,7 in 2019 (+ 0,8%) and a significant increase in profitability.

In particular, the group closed 2020 with:

an EBITDA of € 13 million (+ 10,8% compared to 2019)

an EBIT of € 10,5 million (+ 17,2% compared to 2019)

a pre-tax profit of € 8,4 million (+ 18,1% compared to 2019)

At 31 December 2020, the consolidated shareholders' equity of ALA SpA was over € 33,2 million; the level of capitalization of the group has further improved and has gone from around 50% of the capital invested in 2019 to 55% in 2020.

“In 2020 not only have we never stopped, we have managed to grow despite a pandemic and a global economic crisis, compared to a 2019 already in very strong expansion. These results confirm that our internationalization and sector diversification strategy in the railway, oil & gas and naval field for example, combined with the skills and investments made in technological innovation to guarantee our over 1.100 customers worldwide services of the highest quality, allow us to continue to strengthen leadership in Italy and also in the world. The results we achieved in 2020 exceed our best expectations and the growth prospects for the years to come are very positive ", commented Gennaro di Capua, CEO of the ALA group.

The growth of the ALA group in 2020 is linked to a very well-balanced mix of activities ranging from purchasing management to refueling, from quality control to the distribution of all precision mechanical materials and the many consumables necessary for both production. and to the maintenance, for example, of aircraft or satellites, in the historical sectors for ALA of aerospace and civil and military aeronautics.

The strategy of internationalization and external growth, launched in 2010, also continued, which today guarantees the group an operational presence in strategic markets such as the United States, Great Britain, France, Israel and, in 2020, also in Germany. . Added to this is the sectoral diversification made possible by the high scalability of the business, which, in addition to leadership in aerospace and aeronautics, has allowed the group to expand its business also in the oil & gas, naval and railway sectors, whose prospects for the future are extremely significant.

In 2020 Italy is confirmed as the first market for ALA, in which the group achieves over 66,7% of turnover, followed by Great Britain, where in 2020 ALA recorded a turnover growth of over 56%, and from the United States, France, Israel and Germany. The internationalization of the business and the consequent opening of operational offices in new strategic markets led to an increase in turnover abroad. Another objective of the ALA group in the medium term is to accelerate the growth rate of turnover abroad to bring it to a value equivalent to that generated in Italy.