Aero Asahi will introduce the first 'Agusta' helicopter in VIP/corporate configuration to Japan

(To Leonardo)

Aero Asahi Corporation (Aero Asahi), one of Japan's leading general aviation services providers, will introduce a modern AW169 helicopter with a dedicated 'Agusta' configuration, becoming the first Japanese operator to use a Leonardo helicopter equipped with exclusive VIP equipment .

Aero Asahi had the opportunity to appreciate the extraordinary features and capabilities of the AW169, supporting a dedicated demo tour held in the Asian country in 2023. The AW169 features high performance as well as advanced flight and navigation capabilities thanks to the avionics and sophisticated mission, unparalleled levels of comfort, high sustainability with customized interiors, the latest safety standards and an 'APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) mode', a function that allows one of the two engines to be used on the ground to power the main systems in the cabin and cockpit while keeping the rotors stationary. Leonardo's Agusta brand combines these important features for VIP/corporate transport with its unique combination of performance, comfort, customization and top technology that the market has recognized for decades in Leonardo's helicopters dedicated to this particular mission.

Aero Asahi's AW169 is scheduled for delivery in spring 2025 and will feature a wide range of dedicated equipment including solutions for reducing noise impact in the cabin, customized seats for eight passengers, an intelligent system management system in cabin including climate control and entertainment. The contract also includes an exclusive and personalized service and maintenance package, specific for the VIP helicopters of the Agusta brand.

The introduction of the AW169 has further increased Leonardo's presence in various markets including that of passenger transport. It also strengthens the Company's leadership in the VIP twin-engine helicopter market, with over 900 units of various types and a share of more than 40% in terms of value over the last ten years, offering operators an additional option that fits perfectly between the popular AW109 and the best-selling AW139.

Over 320 AW169s have been ordered to date, with approximately 170 units delivered from the Vergiate final assembly line to operators in more than 30 countries. The global fleet has accumulated more than 170.000 flight hours in every type of mission and in all operating conditions.

There are over 160 Leonardo helicopters of various types in service today in Japan, including the AW169, used for a vast series of missions such as public order, air rescue, search and rescue, firefighting, civil protection, VIP/corporate transport, publishing support, naval utility.