Syria: the nightmare ends after three years. Syrian troops defeat ISIS and reach Deir Ezzor

(To Giampiero Venturi)

The news bounces on all media, even those absent in these years of Syrian counter-offensive against Islamic State terrorists (almost all ...). One month in advance of Damascus' forecasts, 5 ° assault body (composed of volunteers and trained by the Russians) and avant-garde of the Tiger Forces, have reached Deir Ezzor.

The first area touched by loyalists is the basis of the 137a mechanized brigade, part of the Syrian garrison assassinated in the city on the west side of the river Euphrates from 2015. Approach operations are still ongoing but epic seems to be the frame in which everything is happening.

The Syrian media (Alikhbaria Syria) broadcast the phone call between General Zahreddine (photo), commander of the 104a republican guard and of the besieged forces, with General Hassan, commander of the Tiger Forces about to get into town.

The reunification of troops arriving from the west and the military rounded up ends up with 3 years of air supply, the only way Deir Ezzor's defenders are to resist ISIS terrorists. Syrian forces blocked in the city so far did not amount to more than 5000 men (apart from the departments already mentioned, the 121a artillery brigade and the parishes transported in January with Russian helicopters) but they could count on the deposits full of weapons and ammunition of the 17a reserve division, located right in the area controlled by the government. Around, thousands and thousands of ISIS militiamen have been practically daily assaults for years.

The events follow weeks of Syrian forces' successes to the Caliphate damage along the Palmira-Euphrates axis, accelerated in recent days.

Russian firefighter hacking, who has been hijacking bombers and helicopters for several days not breathing on Islamist militias. Fourfold the number of crops compared to a month ago.

In these hours, the main task of the Moscow air forces would be to prevent the movement of ISIS troops and the arrival of reinforcements from other positions on the Euphrates. In fact there is already talk of an imminent jihadist counter-offensive.

Deir Ezzor is divided into two. On the western side, controlled by the Syrians, civilians 100.000 live, who at the earliest news of the arrival of the army had already shown jubilation in the street. On the east side, beyond the river, the hostage citizens of Caliphate would be more than 50.000.

At Deir Ezzor in 2014 there was one of the greatest massacres of civilians in the Syrian conflict, with more than innocent 400 massacred by the fundamentalists.

Evolutions await now.

(image: AMN)