Syria: Palmira in reconquest by loyalist

(To David Bartoccini)

The Syrian Army is recapturing Palmyra. The 'citadel' on the outskirts of the city, a UNESCO heritage site, at the center of a continuous dispute between the forces in the field, is about to return under the control of the Syrian forces. This was made known by a Syrian army source who communicated: "The reconquest of the citadel took place following violent clashes with the militiamen of the self-styled Islamic State (IS)".

During the operation the Syrian troops would have regained control of several palaces "occupied" by jihadist militants in the southwest of the city.

"Now we are preparing to launch the assault on the city," the military source told the Russian media.

The offensive operations by the Syrian army - supported by Russian aviation - began on February 13.

The archaeological site, subject to IS raids and freed by the occupants last March, was reconquered by the jihadists in December 2016.

Now the forces of Damascus will have to maintain their positions to avoid the umpteenth reversal in front.

(See our visit to Palmira a few weeks before the fall)

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