Syria: the Russians reclaim Palmyra and resumes the government offensive on Deir Ezzor

(To Giampiero Venturi)

The reconquest of Palmyra by the Syrian army is producing effects throughout the southern sector of the Arab country.

A detachment of Russian specialists from the International Antimine Center reached the Hmeymim airbase, in the Latakia region, to then be transferred to Palmyra where it would strengthen existing personnel. More than 150 are the Russian military specialized in the neutralization of mines currently operating in Syria.

The safety of the Palmira area, including the gas fields, the power plant and numerous villages in the mountainous areas near the archaeological site, is the result of a further advance towards the east of the Syrian forces.

The operations must be considered within the general offensive on Deir Ezzor, a city besieged by the ISIS distant about 150 km from the Syrian avant-gardes arriving from Palmyra.

From around 24 hours the bombardment of the Russian air forces that attack the concentration camps and infrastructures of the Caliphate scattered in the desert areas surrounding the important center on the Euphrates is incessant.

Government reinforcements from Homs continue to flow into the area. At the 5a Legion (unit mentioned several times, trained directly by Moscow and formed by volunteers only), the departments of 18 are addeda Competent Armored Division by Sector, National Defense Forces, several Hezbollah units and Iraqi Shiite paramilitaries.

The desert area around Deir Ezzor could be the next collection point for thousands of ISIS militiamen fleeing northern Iraq. The city assumes a great strategic value also in virtue of the fact that if the Syrian army were to break the siege after three years, the forces of the US-led coalition would be forced to accelerate the offensive on Raqqa at that point also reachable from the south .

(photo: SAA)