Syria: "We shot down an Israeli fighter". Tel Aviv denies

(To Staff)

Four Israeli F-16s reportedly entered Syrian airspace after flying over Lebanon. The jets with the star of David would have hit unspecified Syrian and pro-Syrian targets on the Palmyra front. In all likelihood, the Israeli fighters would have engaged Hezbollah militia posts, particularly active in the war against ISIS in Syrian territory. Right in these hours, Damascus is committed to increasing the war potential to the east of the newly liberated city of Palmira, so that it continues eastward along the axis of Arak and Deir Ezzor. The participation of Hezbollah on the offensive would be significant.

According to reports from the Air Defense command of Damascus, immediately followed by the Iranians of PressTV, an Israeli fighter was shot down by the Syrian missile systems and another damaged. The four aircraft, which entered Syrian territory at 00,40 (Italian time), were then forced to fold.

The IDF's immediate denial: "The fighters would have evaded the Syrian defense systems and would have completed the mission." Tel Aviv has repeatedly reiterated its right to strike in Syrian territory every objective considered as a threat to its security. Along the backs of Golan, in the recent past he also provided medical assistance to militants fighting the Assad government.

The event of tonight (Friday 17, nda) is part of a very complex strategic framework that sees the heart of the Islamic State simultaneously attacked on two fronts: from the north on the Raqqa front, where active sleep SDF of the coalition supported by the US and the Syrian army (separately); from the south by the new Syrian offensive east of Homs and Palmyra.

(photo: IDF)